The Mountain Empire Community College Catalog is the official reference for the college’s academic programs, courses, and academic procedures. The catalog should be used as a guide in planning a course of study and in meeting requirements for graduation. Although every effort has been made to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible within this Catalog, the College reserves the right to change, when warranted, any of the provisions, schedules, programs, courses, or fees, as might be required. 

The current MECC Student Handbook is also another valuable resource for information on academic policies, academic support services, student life, and MECC’s code of conduct. The College Catalog and Student Handbook are informational and subject to all applicable laws and policies of the State Board for Community Colleges. Policies and procedures made subsequent to the publication of the current year’s catalog and handbook take precedence and will be part of the next publications.

2017-18 Student Handbook

2017-18 MECC Student Handbook

Addendum to Student Handbook


2018-19 Catalog

  2018-2019 Academic Catalog

2017-18 Catalog

  2017-2018 Academic Catalog


2016-17 Catalog

2016 catalog cover
2016-17 MECC Catalog

2016-17 Catalog Addendum


student handbook 2016-20172016-17 MECC Student Handbook



2015-16 Catalog & Handbook

2015 catalog cover
2015-16 MECC Catalog

2015-2016 Catalog Corrections


handbook cover

2015-16 MECC Student Handbook
2015-16 MECC Student Handbook Addendum


MECC provides access to copies of all past catalog publications in the Wampler Library. For more information, call 286.523.2400 ext. 468.