Freshman Orientation Experience is mandatory for all first time students.

Students will gain information about financial aid, degrees and academic planning, campus resources, navigating online systems, and take a campus tour.  Completing FOX Orientation will be another step towards completing your college degree. 


FOX Orientation FAQ

Do I need to make a trip to campus for FOX Orientation?

No. Orientation is held via Zoom. Once you register you will receive details on accessing your Zoom Meeting with the information provided in the registration form.

How long will FOX Orientation take?
FOX Orientation is scheduled for 2 hours. We will be sharing information on financial aid, degrees and academic planning, campus resources, navigating online systems, and more.

Is FOX Orientation mandatory?

Yes, FOX Orientation is mandatory. It will provide you with information to prepare you to begin your academic journey.

What do I need in order to participate in the online FOX Orientation?

You will simply need a computer/tablet/phone with the ability to access the internet and the link that will be provided to you to access the Zoom Meeting.

Do I need to do anything prior to FOX Orientation?

You should have met with your advisor and built your schedule. Once you have built your schedule and registered for orientation you have met the requisites.

Is FOX Orientation required if I took MECC classes in high school?

Yes. New students enrolling at MECC directly from high school are required to complete orientation even if they earned college credit while in high school. Orientation is important to your success as a student and provides you with a comprehensive introduction to MECC. 

Will there be information provided for parents/guardians/support people?

We share information on financial aid, campus resources, navigating online systems, processes, and much more. The registration form is for students, however, if you would be more comfortable with someone attending the Zoom Meeting with you, you are welcome to do so.

If I cannot attend the FOX Orientation I registered for, what do I do?

If you cannot attend the session you originally registered for, please complete the registration form to select a date that will work for you. We ask that you make your best effort to keep the original date you select, but understand things can come up.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions regarding FOX Orientation?

You can always email

Is FOX Orientation different from SDV 100: College Success Skills course?

Yes! FOX Orientation provides you with information and resources to prepare you to begin classes and navigate the online systems and feeling comfortable in the college setting. SDV 100 is a graded course that provides with you with skills and information to benefit you through your college journey. The information provided during SDV 100 is very different than what you receive in the 2-hour FOX Orientation Session.