Mission Statement

Mountain Empire Community College’s mission is to provide quality higher education and workforce training programs and services that are financially and geographically accessible and meet individual, business, and community needs.

Mountain Empire Community College’s mission is fulfilled through the following avenues:

  • General Education: General Education, a component of academic programs, includes the following competencies: Communication, Critical Thinking, Cultural and Social Understanding, Information Literacy, Personal Development, Quantitative Reasoning, and Scientific Reasoning.
  • Career -Technical Education: The career and technical education programs meet the increasing demand for technicians, professionals, and a skilled workforce.
  • Transfer Education: The transfer education program, which includes freshman and sophomore courses in arts and sciences and pre-professional education, allows students to transfer into baccalaureate degree programs at four-year colleges and universities.
  • Developmental Studies: Developmental courses are offered to correct deficiencies in basic areas, such as English, reading, and mathematics, and to prepare students who have not had the required course prerequisites for admission to specific programs.
  • Dual Enrollment: Dual enrollment courses allow high-achieving students to meet the requirements for high school graduation while simultaneously earning college credit.
  • Distance Education: Distance education courses and programs offer accessibility through a number of delivery modes, to include the internet, video, and off-campus locations.
  • Student Services: The College provides programs, services, and resources that facilitate college access, enhance student success, develop career readiness, promote student leadership, and provide opportunities for student engagement.
  • Workforce Development: Workforce development encompasses credit and non-credit training to meet workforce needs and promote economic development through programs, customized training, and on-going workshops.
  • Community Services: College facilities and personnel support the cultural and educational needs of the region through cultural events, workshops, meetings, lectures, conferences, seminars, community projects, and service learning.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to educate a diverse group of students by developing the skills they need for success, instilling a commitment to the community, and promoting an understanding of the broader global community.

Mountain Empire Community College will pursue its vision by acquiring the following traits:

  • Teaching will be characterized by the use of the best practices for knowledge and skills to be developed, including the involvement of businesses, the use of hands-on interactive mediums, and opportunities for real-life applications of knowledge and skills.
  • Instructional delivery will employ non-traditional methods with emphasis on the use of technology. Faculty members will be facilitators of learning, mentors, and role models, exhibiting to students the importance of knowledge, competence, and a thirst for learning.
  • The college will be the major provider of workforce training and a leader in community development, partnering with businesses, educational institutions, non-profits, and government to strengthen the competitiveness of the region for attracting and retaining jobs.
  • The college will be an exemplary model of service and involvement to our students and the community, promoting economic development, appreciation of culture, and the quality of living in rural, southwest Virginia.

College Values

Mountain Empire Community College is committed to our students, to our community, and to each other. We support and promote the values of honesty, integrity and trust. We remain true to the ideals and principles of teamwork and communication. Through the creativity and innovation of our employees, we foster a culture of continuous quality improvement. The foundation of our institution is the unique diversity of educational experiences we provide for the community, shaped by our dedication to teaching and learning and to the values that we share.