Name Extension Email Room Number Department
ARNOLD, BETHANY 252 G111 Arts and Sciences
ARRINGTON, HARRIETTE 243 G102 Arts and Sciences
ARTRIP, DONNIE 271 M113 Building and Grounds
ASHER, JENNIFER 270 Bookstore Bookstore
AUSTIN, SUSIE 463 G131 Financial & Administrative Services
AUSTIN, TIM 692 Dalton-Cantrell Industrial Tech
BAKER, SMITTY 238 G217 Arts and Sciences
BARTLEY, TIM 233 P217 Computing & Information Technology
BAYS, DELLA 237 G159 Financial Aid
BEVINS, BECKY 236 G148 Business Office
BISHOP, CHRIS 500 PT 236 Business & Information Technology
BLANKENBECLER, TIM 329 P210 Small Business Development Center
BLEDSOE, Dr. JOHN 307 P134 Dual Enrollment/Governor's School
BLEDSOE, JEARLINE 287 D236 Foundation
BOGGS, BETH 324 Holton Student Services
BOLLING, WINDELL 271 M113 Building and Grounds
BOOKSTORE 445 Holton Bookstore
BRADSHAW, LELIA 251 Holton Student Services
BROWN, SYLVIA 353 G221 Arts and Sciences
BRUMMETT, CHRIS 271 M113 Building and Grounds
BUCKNER, RACHEL 279 H118 Center for Student Outreach & Success
BURKART, CAROL 289 G243 Arts and Sciences
CAMPUS POLICE 473 or 276.207.3683 Godwin Campus Police
CASSELL, NANCY 328 P209 Small Business Development Center
CHRISTIAN, PATTI 322 M106 Printing Services
CLARKSTON, DEB 222 PT 136 Health Sciences
CLARKSTON, SARAH 665 146 Health Sciences
CLEMENTS, TOMMY 431 D208 Applied Sciences & Technology
CLENDENON, TODD 434 G167 Admissions and Records
CLUESMAN, DONNA 300 R105 Health Sciences
COEBURN, FRED 285 PT 238 Business & Information Technology
COLE, JORDAN 235 H118 Center for Student Outreach & Success
COOKE, BRANDI 445 G168 Admissions and Records
COOKE, ROSA-LEE 364 Dalton-Cantrell Industrial Tech
COTHRON, GRAYSON 473 G125 Campus Police
COUNTS, SAMANTHA 472 H128 Student Services
COWDEN, SABRINA 672 PT 143 Health Sciences
CRABTREE, SALLY 309 G142 Business Office
CYPHERS, RUSS 616 DC 206 Campus Police
DAVIDSON, TAMARA 225 P208 Continuing & Distance Education/Workforce Development
DAVIS, LEE 211 DC 207 Applied Sciences & Technology
DEEL, RITCHIE 226 Phillips Taylor Computing & Information Technology
DEFOOR, DANA 460 G104 Arts and Sciences
DINGUS, LORI 372 PT 208 Continuing & Distance Education/Workforce Development
DORTON, KIM 356 PT 147 Health Sciences
DURHAM, BELINDA 303 M106 Building and Grounds
DYE, SHAMRA 214 Godwin Financial Aid
EDWARDS, KEMPER 311 Godwin TRIO Talent Search
EDWARDS, PHILIP 305 Library Library
EGAN, PATRICIA 207 G147 Business Office
ENGLAND, ROBERT 327 Dalton-Cantrell Industrial Tech
FIELDS, MATT 312 Godwin TRIO Talent Search
FIG, JENNIFER 227 G161 Admissions and Records
FRITTS, SHANNON 295 G219 Arts and Sciences
GARLAND, JIMMIE 265 Dalton-Cantrell Industrial Tech
GIBSON, PEGGY 490 D247 President's Office
GILES, PAMELA 212 G137 Human Resources
GILLEY, MIKE 304 Library Library
GILLIAM-BURRILL, SARAH 242 G109 Arts and Sciences
GILLY, JAKE 280 Dalton-Cantrell Industrial Tech
GRACE, LENA 217 Godwin Admissions and Records
GREEAR, AMY 480 P223 Community Relations
GREENE, MIKE 271 M113 Building and Grounds
GREENE, ROGER 262 Dalton-Cantrell Industrial Tech
GUTHE, DONALD 271 M113 Building and Grounds
HALE, CINDY 290 Godwin Financial Aid
HALE, JONATHAN 271 M113 Building and Grounds
HALL, KRISTY 219 Godwin Admissions and Records
HARVEY, ARIETTA 456 PT 148 Health Sciences
HELMS, GINGER 419 Holton Center for Student Outreach & Success
HICKMAN, KRISANNE 310 Library Library
HILL, DORA 332 Bookstore Bookstore
HILL, JACQUIE 323 G161 Admissions and Records
HOLCOMB, GENE 271 M113 Building and Grounds
HOLMES, ROSE 674 H118 Center for Student Outreach & Success
HOWARD, CLAUDIA 374 G131 Human Resources
HUBBARD, RACHEL 609 Bookstore Bookstore
HULSE, TERA 445 Bookstore Bookstore
JONES, JANE 249 PT 239 Business & Information Technology
JONES, MITZI 686 PT 144 Health Sciences
KELLEY, AMY 271 M113 Building and Grounds
KENNEDY, LANA 341 M106 Printing Services
KENNEDY, SUSAN 488 Holton Student Services
KILGORE, JASON 420 P217 Computing & Information Technology
LANE, ANN 363 Phillips-Taylor Dual Enrollment/Governor's School
LANE, TERRI 240 PT 235 Business & Information Technology
LAYNE, PRESTON 248 M102 Printing Services
LEE, CHRISTY 208 Phillips-Taylor Health Sciences
LEE, DALE 343 Holton Student Services
LEE, KEVIN 245 Phillips-Taylor Institutional Effectiveness
LEE, VALERIE 375 Godwin Human Resources
LESTER, ANGIE 462 PT 244 Business & Information Technology
LIBRARY 468 Robb Library
LINDSEY WILSON COLLEGE 301 Phillips-Taylor Lindsey Wilson College
MABE, ASHLEY 376 Red Fox Grill Red Fox Grill
MABE, DAVID 271 M113 Building and Grounds
MAGGARD, ALAN 294 R215 Computing & Information Technology
MARTINEZ, BRANDI 690 G224 Arts and Sciences
MATYUSHIN, VADIM 258 G223 Arts and Sciences
MCDONOUGH, ERNEST “Doogle” 473 Godwin Campus Police
MCGUIRE, DEBORAH 239 G148 Business Office
MCKINNEY, MELISSA 644 G166 Admissions and Records
MCLAUGHLIN, ROBERT 687 P217 Computing & Information Technology
MECC FOUNDATION 466 Dalton-Cantrell Foundation
MERCADO, SARAH 399 Holton Center for Student Outreach & Success
MINIARD, STACEY 689 DC 238 Foundation
MULLINS, WES 277 PT 137 Health Sciences
NEWMAN, MATT 369 DC 218 Continuing & Distance Education/Workforce Development
OAKES, JADA 274 PT 133 Health Sciences
OAKS, MIRANDA 230 G114 Arts and Sciences
OGBONNAYA, CHUKS 276 Dalton-Cantrell Industrial Tech
OWENS, CHRISTY 346 Godwin 216 TRIO Talent Search
PALMER, SHANE 376 Red Fox Grill Bookstore
PARTON, JANE 206 P217 Computing & Information Technology
PASCHETTO, KARI 422 G235 Student Services
PIERSON, KATHY 205 Business Office -- Godwin Hall Business Office
RAJ, ASHVIN 261 PT Business & Information Technology
RAMEY, JERRY 326 Dalton-Cantrell Industrial Tech
RASNICK, KIM 426 Robb 205 Health Sciences
RATLIFF, VICKIE 467 P227 Academic & Student Services
RED FOX GRILL 376 Holton Hall Red Fox Grill
REYNOLDS, ANGELIA 203 P228 Academic & Student Services
RHOTON, CONNIE 379 P212 Center for Workforce Development
RINGLEY, CYNTHIA 264 Dalton-Cantrell Industrial Tech
ROBBINS, AMANDA 425 PT 135 Health Sciences
ROBINSON, TONY 348 P217 Computing & Information Technology
ROSE, MIKE 211 DC Industrial Tech
RUTLEDGE, VICKI 465 D205 Applied Sciences & Technology
SCANLAN, KYLE 263 G116 Arts and Sciences
SHEPHERD, MARGARET 256 G147 Business Office
SHULAR, BRYCE 350 DC/220 Industrial Tech
SNODGRASS, BETH 257 PT 240 Business & Information Technology
STANLEY, FARRELL 271 M113 Building and Grounds
STEWART, JAMES 271 M113 Building and Grounds
STEWART, JASON 271 M113 Building and Grounds
STIDHAM, JEANNIE 331 Godwin Business Office
STIDHAM, PAULINE 271 M113 Building and Grounds
TANKERSLEY, CHERYL 419 Holton Center for Student Outreach & Success
THOMPSON, ROGER 302 PT 138 Health Sciences
TUCKER, KEN 315 G117 Arts and Sciences
VICARS, RON 478 Business Office - Godwin Hall Financial & Administrative Services
WARD, SABRINA 224 PT 241 Business & Information Technology
WESTOVER, DR. KRIS 490 Dalton-Cantrell President's Office
WHISENHUNT, LENA 421 PT 145 Health Sciences
WHISMAN, DEREK 260 G115 Arts and Sciences
WHITAKER, SHERRY 284 Godwin Financial Aid
WILSON, MONEKA 345 345 Printing Services
WOLIVER, LISA 333 G216 TRIO Talent Search
WRIGHT, DEB 457 PT 132 Health Sciences
WRIGHT, FRANK 229 G112 Arts and Sciences
YOUNG, JOSEPH 244 P217 Computing & Information Technology