Welding Operator II


The Welding operator career studies certificate in Welding is designed to prepare students for employment as apprentice welders immediately upon completion of the curriculum. Technical courses and shop experience comprise the program.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students will be able to:

  • Follow industry safety practices
  • Cut metals using (oxyfuel and plasma arc) cutting processes
  • Weld in (flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead positions) using the basic welding processes of SMAW,
  • Read and interpret basic blueprints and welding symbols to fabricate components

Program Requirements

Articulation course credits may be earned by the validation of welding skills learned in a vocational school or on-the-job experience. Entry into the program requires regular application to the College and regular Welding program requirements and recommendations of the vocational welding instructor or verification of basic skills by an employer.

Employment Opportunities

The Certificate in Welding will prepare students for the occupational goal of welder. 

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