Computerized Manufacturing Technology — Electromechanical Technology Specialization

Program Description

The Electromechanical Technology Specialization of the Computerized Manufacturing Technology program trains students in various electrical, electronic, and mechanical components of systems and upon successful completion, awards the Associate of Applied Science Degree. Emphasis is on programmable logic controllers, motor controls, piping systems, valves, and related components, and process controllers. Computer skills and teamwork are also emphasized.

The electromechanical program will provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to assume employment as competent electromechanical technicians. The program was developed in cooperation with Eastman Chemical Company. There are two tracks: 1.) After the first year of the program, students have the opportunity for a one-year internship with Eastman after which they will return to MECC to finish the AAS degree (three years total), or 2.) Students may elect to forgo the internship at Eastman and complete the AAS at MECC (two years total). After completing the associate degree the student is eligible to begin the nationally recognized apprenticeship program at Eastman.

Opportunities for Employment

Companies need competent electromechanical technicians. The electromechanical program was designed to meet this increasing need. The skills developed in this program will prepare students for jobs in chemical processing, coal mining, power plants and manufacturing. Jobs are available as electromechanical technicians, quality assurance technicians, and maintenance technicians.

Program Requirements

Individuals who have taken courses at career centers or other work related training programs may be able to obtain articulation credit for these courses. Dual enrollment classes have been developed at local vocational technical career centers and high schools.

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Computerized Manufacturing Technology
Electromechanical Technology Specialization (726-01)


Course # Course Title Credit  
DRF 160 Machine Blueprint Reading 3  
ELE 140 Basic Electricity & Machinery 4  
SAF 126 Industrial Safety 3  
MEC 120 Principles of Machines Technology 3  
MTH 103 Applied Technical Mathematics I 3  
SDV 100 College Success Skills 1  
ENG 111 College Composition I 3  
ELE 156 Electrical Control Systems 3  
ITE 119 Information Literacy 3  
MEC 113 Materials and Processes of Industry I 4  
    Humanities Elective 3  
MTH 106 Technical Mathematics II 2  
ETR 218 Ind. Electronics Circuits 4  
HLT 105 CPR 1  
PHY 131 Applied Physics 3  
IND 101 Quality Assurance Tech 3  
IND 125 Installation and Preventive Maintenance 3  
MEC 205 Piping & Auxiliary Systems 3  
ELE 239 Programmable Controllers 3  
MEC 266 Fluid Mechanics 3  
IND 137 Team Concepts and Problem Solving 3  
    Welding Elective 3  
    Social Science Elective 3  
Total Minimum Credits for Degree 65  

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