Respiratory Therapy Application

Did you attend credit classes at MECC before Fall Quarter 1984?
Last College Attended
Degree Received
Last year Attended
Academic Standing (Good, Probation, Suspended or Dismissed)
I understand after submission, I will contact Isaac Sharrett, program director by email at to verify my application has been received. He will be glad to confirm. Confirmation of the receipt of your program application is the responsibility of the student.(Required)
I request that my name be placed in consideration for admission to the Respiratory Therapy Program. I understand that I must submit a copy of this form for each year I wish to be considered. I understand that I must satisfactorily complete (grade of “C” or better) all prerequisites and meet GPA requirements prior to being admitted. I have read and understand the residency requirements listed above. I also understand that if I do not meet jurisdiction requirements that I should meet with a faculty advisor to discuss other educational opportunities.(Required)