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Transfer Services at MECC

MECC’s Transfer Services assists students who wish to pursue their education beyond the Associates degree. Services include one on one advising sessions, transfer fairs, course equivalency planning, campus visits, as well as assistance with college applications.

MECC Transfer Programs include:

  • Business Administration
  • Education
  • General Studies
  • General Studies Major Software Engineering Specialization
  • Science
  • Science- Engineering Specialization
  • Health Professionals—General Education for Transfer
  • Pre-professional programs in the areas of Dentistry, Law, Medical Technology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, and Radiologic Technology.

Guaranteed Admission Programs & Articulation Agreements

MECC  has guaranteed admission agreements with many four-year colleges and universities in Virginia and beyond.  These agreements provide benefits for students who graduate with an Associates of Arts & Sciences degree in one of the transfer programs listed above.  Students may be guaranteed entrance to specific institutions providing they meet the criteria as established in each institution’s agreement for:  minimum grade criteria (GPA); prerequisite course requirements in specific programs; and proper application for admission procedures.

MECC also has program-specific articulation agreements with several four-year colleges and universities within the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as the region.  These agreements apply to students who earn an associate’s degree and are designed to facilitate transfer of course work taken at MECC into a specific bachelor’s degree program.

Transfer Grants

Students who entered a Virginia community college in 2007 or in subsequent years may be eligible to receive up to $2,000 annually upon transferring to a four-year institution.  To qualify, students must complete a transfer associate’s degree with a 3.0 grade point average and meet financial eligibility requirements.  The grant will be applied to tuition expenses at a four-year Virginia college or university, either public or private.  The grant provides $1,000 for all eligible students, with an extra $1,000 for students who pursue undergraduate work in engineering, math, technology, teaching or science.

Transfer Resources and Tools

Transfer information and direct contact with colleges and universities can be obtained through the Transfer Virginia website. Your MECC advisor is available to assist you with course selection and basic transfer information as you make your educational journey.  A Transfer Day is held annually and gives students the opportunity to meet with representatives from many four-year colleges and universities around the Commonwealth and region.

Planning for a Successful Transfer

It is never too early to start planning for a smooth transition to another institution. Ideally, you would declare your intent to transfer during your first semester or even before registering for any classes. The following is a general timeline for transfer planning:

Four Semesters Before Transferring:

  • Investigate possible transfer institutions that offer your desired program of study and fulfill your desired features (i.e. size, cost, location, distance learning,)
  • Learn more about general education requirements and the programs available at MECC
  • Work with MECC transfer counselor or advisors to become familiar with the requirements of your MECC program and to select appropriate courses
  • Find out what math courses are required for the potential institutions/majors you are considering and start your math and English courses as early as possible
  • Begin looking for transfer agreements and scholarship opportunities that may exist for your potential major/institution

Three Semesters Before Transferring:

  • Decide which transfer institution best suits your needs and visit if possible
  • Take advantage of transfer workshops, college tours/visit days, and Transfer/College Day Fairs at MECC
  • Declare your intent to transfer to your Faculty Advisor
  • Use the four-year institution’s transfer guides and consult with a counselor/advisor when selecting your courses
  • Familiarize yourself with the potential institution’s academic calendars and deadlines for admission and financial aid

Two Semesters Before Transferring:

  • Continue selecting courses that are appropriate for fulfilling general education and or major requirements within your program of study
  • Submit your application for graduation to the MECC Admissions Office
  • Submit request(s) to the Admissions Office for your official transcripts to be sent to your four-year school at the end of the semester

One Semester Before Transferring:

  • Complete your applications for admission to the four-year institution
  • Complete all courses required for your Associate Degree and any other courses required for transfer
  • Submit your application to the four-year school by the posted deadline
  • Complete your FAFSA and submit any additional Financial Aid paperwork by the four-year institution’s deadline (before you are accepted to the institution)
  • Send official transcripts (again) at the end of your last semester

MECC College Transfer Electives

This listing represents the courses offered in the transfer degree programs of MECC. Students and advisors may use this listing to select options for transfer electives, humanities electives and social science electives. Several courses are included because they are applicable to a specific articulation agreement. Inclusion in this comprehensive list is not a guarantee that the course will be offered in a given semester nor acceptance of transferability at another college/university. Selection of courses should be made based on planning for a desired career path or for the college/university degree program to which you intend to transfer.

For Further Information Contact:

Beth Boggs, M.Ed, Coordinator of Advising 276-523-9106
Miranda Oaks, Interim Dean of Arts & Sciences 276-523-9045