SAILS (Student Assistance and Intervention for Learning Strategies) is an early alert program designed to identify students who are in danger of not being successful academically. Faculty identify students who display behaviors that may prevent academic success. These behaviors may include: attendance issues, missed assignments, not accessing Blackboard for online classes, low quiz/test scores, or any behavior that jeopardizes student success.

When a faculty member raises concerns on a student, the student is notified via email from the concerned faculty member. Additional MECC student support staff also receives email notifications regarding the academic concern and the student may be followed up with by additional staff regarding the concerns.

Faculty Training and Resources

SAILS Faculty Training Fall 2015-16

SAILS- Instructions for faculty on taking attendance in SAILS

SAILS How to Take Attendance

For questions regarding SAILS, please contact Lelia Bradshaw, Coordinator- Center for Student Outreach & Success at 276-523-2400 x 288.