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Finnie Fox_QEPA Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a required component of our re-affirmation with SACSCOC. A plan to improve an aspect of our college relating to student learning and/or student success. Our topic was identified through ongoing, comprehensive planning and evaluation processes in 2016-2018. Institutional data and surveys of stakeholders demonstrated that problem solving was an area of need. This QEP seeks to improve students’ problem solving skills by addressing gaps in Quantitative Literacy.

Our QEP is Get AMPED!: Applying Mathematical Principles to Everyday Decisions. This QEP was approved by SACSCOC, and the work that each and every one of you have put into it is to be commended. We truly appreciate everything that you have done to support this QEP. We’re AMPED to continue this great work!

QEP Goal

  • To improve the students’ problem-solving skills through Quantitative Literacy.
  • To meet this goal, two student-learning outcomes will be addressed and assessed

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate improved academic problem solving by applying Quantitative Literacy skills across the curriculum.
  • Student will demonstrate ability to solve real world problems.


Year Target Graduate Raw Score Actual

Graduate Raw Score

Target Graduate Value-Added Actual Graduate Value-Added Target Status
2014-2019: Baseline 3.95 2.33%
2020-2021: Year 1 4.1 5.90 5% 22.15% Target Exceeded
2021-2022: Year 2 4.3 5.54 10% 23.1% Target Exceeded

Quantitative Literacy VALUE Rubric

Year QL VALUE Rubric Target for Applicable Dimensions QL VALUE Rubric Results (Average of Applicable Dimensions) Target Status
2014-2019: Baseline 1.66
2020-2021: Year 1 2.4 3.0 Target Exceeded
2021-2022: Year 2 2.05 3.13 Target Exceeded

Quantitative Literacy—Assignment Repository

Phase 3 Assignments/Training: