Science Major (881)


Course # Course Title Credit Pre-Requisite Courses. ( If applicable) 
ENG 111 College Composition I 3 Readiness for ENG 111
HIS 101 or 121 Western Civilizations Pre – 1600 CE or United States History Until 1877 3 Readiness for ENG 111
MTH 161 Pre-Calculus I or higher MTH 3 See Table M
Science   Biology, Chemistry or Physics4 4  
SDV 100 College Success Skills 1 varies
ITE 119 Information Literacy3 3  
ENG 112 College Composition II 3 ENG 111
HIS 102 or 122 History of Western Civilization II or United States History Since 1865 3 Readiness for ENG 111
Science   Biology, Chemistry, or Physics4 4 varies
MTH 162 Pre-Calculus II or higher MTH 3 See Table M
CST 100 or 105 Principles of Public Speaking or Oral Communication4 3 Readiness for ENG 111
ENG   Literature (241, 242, 243, 244, 251, or 252) 1 3 ENG 112
 Science   Biology, Chemistry, or Physics 4 4 varies
MTH 263 Calculus I or higher MTH 4 MTH 161(163) and 162(164) with C or better
    College Transfer Elective 3 See approved list
HLT/PED   Health/Physical Education 1  
    Approved Humanities Elective1 3  
Science   Biology, Chemistry, or Physics 4 4 varies
MTH  155, 264 or 245  Statistical Reasoning ,Calculus II, Statistics I, approved MTH* 3 or 4

MTH 263(273) with C or better

MTH 161 with C or better

     Social Science Elective2 3  
Total Program Credits 61-62  

Notes and Additional Curriculum Options

Course substitutions may be available. Please see an advisor for more information.

1 At least one semester of World Literature (ENG 251-252) is recommended.

2 Students should consult the social science requirements of the institution to which they are transferring. Social sciences include: Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Geography, and Sociology.

3 All students pursuing an Associate of Arts & Sciences degree must demonstrate information literacy by completing ITE 119, by satisfying the terms of an articulation agreement, or by establishing competency on an approved assessment test.

Students should consult with their academic advisor to select courses required by their desired degree at their transfer institution.

*Please consult with your advisor on the availability of courses and possible prerequisites and course substitutions.


For Further Information, Contact:

Dr. Shannon Fritts 276-523-9040
Dr. Derek Whisman, Dean of Arts & Sciences 276-523-9048