Paralegal Studies

Paralegal Studies (260)


Course # Course Title Credit Pre-Requisite Courses (if applicable)
AST 101

Keyboarding I

Teaches the alpha/numeric keyboard with emphasis on correct techniques, speed, and accuracy. Teaches formatting of basic personal and business correspondence, reports and tabulation

BUS 240

Introduction to Business Law

Provides an introduction to the American legal system and the use of law to achieve economic and social goals. Highlights ethical principles and legal reasoning underlying the rights and obligations of business relationships and their effect on business decision-making. Emphasizes fundamental principles of government regulation and the court system, constitutional law, torts, criminal law, contracts, agency, employment, and property law. This is a Passport and UCGS transfer course.


ENG 111

College Composition 

Introduces and prepares students to the critical processes and fundamentals of writing in academic and professional contexts. Teaches the use of print and digital technologies to promote inquiry. Requires the production of a variety of academic texts, totaling at least 4500 words (15 pages typed) of polished writing. This course requires proficiency in using word processing and learning management software. This is a Passport and UCGS transfer course


 Readiness for ENG 111

LGL 110

Law & the Legal Assistant

Introduces various areas of law in which a paralegal may be employed. Includes study of the court system (Virginia and federal); a brief overview of criminal law, torts, family law, evidence, the U.C.C., contracts, and ethics; the role of the paralegal; and other areas of interest

LGL 120

Legal Terminology

Provides an understanding of legal terminology with emphasis on developing an understanding of legal terminology in different ways rather than relying solely on learning through rote memorization. Designed to aid students preparing for certification.

LGL 200

Ethics for the Paralegal

Examines general principles of ethical conduct applicable to paralegals. Includes the application of rules of ethics to the practicing paralegal.

SDV 101

Orientation to Business Programs

Introduces students to the skills which are necessary to achieve their academic goals, to services offered at the college and to the discipline in which they are enrolled. Covers topics such as services at the college including the learning resources center; counseling, and advising; listening, test taking, and study skills; and topical areas which are applicable to their particular discipline. College Success Skills


ITE 175

Email Essentials

Focuses on providing the student with a working knowledge of introductory email function. Includes the basic concepts of customizing email and using all the email capabilities for reading, creating, sending emails, managing calendar functions and managing contacts, tasks, and notes.

MKT 170

Customer Service

Introduces students to the concepts of marketing as they relate to customer service. Teaches development of customer service training and implementation of strategies to improve customer relations and service. Includes lecture, role-playing, and case studies.

AST 141

Word Processing I

Teaches creating and editing documents, including line and page layouts, columns, fonts, search/replace, cut/paste, spell/thesaurus, and advanced editing and formatting features of word processing software.

3 AST 101
Eligible for Microsoft Office Specialist Word Core Exam upon completion of AST 141
LGL 115

Real Estate Law

Studies law of real property, and gives in-depth survey of more common types of real estate transactions and conveyances such as deeds, contracts, leases, and deeds of trust. Focuses on drafting problems involving these various instruments. Includes research projects, and studies the system of recording and search of public documents.

LGL 117

Family Law

Studies elements of a valid marriage, grounds for divorce and annulment, separation, defense, custody, support, adoptions, and applicable tax consequences. Includes property settlement, pre- and antenuptial agreements, pleadings, and rules of procedure. May include specific federal and Virginia consumer laws.

LGL 127

Legal Research & Legal Writing

Provides a basic understanding of legal research and the proper preparation of legal documents, including brief writing.



ENG 111 or Instructor permission

MTH 132

Business Math


MTH 141, Any higher level MTH

Eligible for Legal Office Assisting Certificate (261) 
LGL 195

Topics in Paralegal Studies

Provides an opportunity to explore topical areas of interest to or needed by students.

AST 205

Business Communications

Teaches techniques of oral and written communications. Emphasizes writing and presenting business-related materials.

ITE 152

Introduction to Digital & Information Literacy & Computer Applications

 Develops understanding of digital and information literacy. Introduces basic computer concepts in hardware, software, cyber, cloud, database, and operating systems. Includes hands-on experience developing word processing, spreadsheet and presentation documents. Evaluates the reliability of sources. Covers creating a simple web page. Examines topics such as social, legal, and ethical issues. This is a UCGS transfer course.

LGL 216

Trial Preparation & Discovery Practice

Examines the trial process, including the preparation of a trial notebook, pretrial motions, and orders. May include preparation of interrogatories, depositions, and other discovery tools used in assembling evidence in preparation for the trial or an administrative hearing.

3 ENG 111 or Instructor Approval
LGL 218

Criminal Law

Focuses on major crimes, including their classification, elements of proof, intent, conspiracy, responsibility, parties, and defenses. Emphasizes Virginia law. May include general principles of applicable constitutional law and criminal procedure.

PLS 135

U.S. Government & Politics

Teaches the political structure, processes, institutions, and policymaking of the US national government. Focuses on the three branches of government, their interrelationships, and how they shape policy. Addresses federalism; civil liberties and civil rights; political socialization and participation; public opinion, the media; interest groups; political parties; elections; and policymaking. The assignments in the course require college-level reading fluency and coherent communication through written reports. This is a Passport and UCGS transfer course.

AST 265

Legal Office Procedures I

Introduces general office procedures used in law offices and courts.

3 ENG 111; AST 141
LGL 230

Legal Transaction

Presents an in-depth study of general contract law, including formation, breach, enforcement, and remedies. May include an overview of UCC sales, commercial paper, and collections.

3 ENG 111
LGL 222

Information Technology for the Paralegal

Provides extensive instruction on the use of technology in the law office, including word processing tools, spreadsheet programs, database management systems, office management programs, case management programs, electronic mail, the cloud, and use of the Internet in the practice of law.

3 AST 141, ENG 111, and ITE 152
LGL 290

Coordinated Internship

Supervises on-the-job training in selected business, industrial or service firms coordinated by the college.

Eligible for Career Readiness Certifications while enrolled in LGL 290
MTH 132

Business Mathematics

Provides instruction, review, and drill in percentage, cash and trade discounts, mark-up, payroll, sales, property and other taxes, simple and compound interest, bank discounts, loans, investments, and annuities. This course is intended for occupational/technical programs.

    Humanities Elective 3

See approved list

Total Program Credits 65  

Notes and Additional Curriculum Options

For MTH 132, MTH 141 or higher math is a course substitution.

For ITE 152, ITE 119; ITE 115 are course substitutions.

For PLS 132, HIS 121; PLS 211; PLS 135; PLS 136 are course substitutions.

For PSY 120, any higher level PSY is a course substitution

Please see an advisor for more information.


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