Health Information Technology Analyst

Health Information Technology Analyst – (221-152-02)


Course #  Course Title Credit
ITD 136

Database Management Software

Covers an introduction to relational database theory and how to administer and query databases using multiple commercial database systems

HIT 132

Health IT Infrastructure Development

Introduces the various systems life cycles. Covers processes in the design of electronic health information systems, operational management, and medico legal issues facing health care. 

AST 193

Studies in Excel For Healthcare Professionals

Covers new content not covered in existing courses in the discipline. Allows instructor to explore content and instructional methods to assess the course’s viability as a permanent offering. 

ITP 170

Project Management

Introduces the concepts of project management as defined by the Project Management Institute, the accreditation body for project management.

HIT 235

Emerging Technologies in Health IT

Provides an overview of various emerging technologies. Explores how health care technologies are used to treat patients, promote safety, and improve patient care. Discusses legal issues created by implementation of the electronic health record.

ITD 256

Advanced Database Management

Focuses in-depth instruction in the handling of critical tasks of planning and implementing large databases. Includes an introduction to concepts of advanced data warehousing and database configuration.

HIT 230

Computer Applications in Healthcare

Covers systems planning, acquisition, implementation, technology support, strategic planning and governance; as well as threats to security of health information. Covers the value and organization of health care information systems (IS) and the role of the Information Technology (IT) Department.

ITD 298

Seminar & Project

The course will be prep for Certified Health Data Analyst domain descriptions: Domain 1 – Foundational Knowledge of Analytics in Healthcare, Domain 2  – Business Needs Assessment, Domain 3 – Data Acquisition, Domain 4 – Data Analysis, Domain 5 – Data Interpretation and Reporting, & Domain 6 – Data Governance.

Total Program Credits 24

Notes and Additional Curriculum Options

Course substitutions may be available. Please see an advisor for more information.


For Further Information, Contact:

Nora Blankenbecler, HIM Program Director 276-523-9054

Jane Jones, Dean of Business & Information Technology 276-523-9057