General Education


General Education Certificate (695)


Course # Course Title Credit Pre-Requisite Courses (if applicable)
ENG 111 College Composition I (Written Communication) 3 Readiness for ENG 111
BIO 101

General Biology I¹ (Natural Science)

4 Readiness for ENG 111 & MDE 60
HIS 101 or 121 History of Western Civilization I or United States History I (History) 3  



154 ,155 or 161 Quantitative Reasoning or Statistical Reasoning or Pre-Calculus I (Mathematics) 3 See Table M
HUM or ART Elective   Humanities or Art Elective (Humanities and Arts) 3  
SDV 100 College Success Skills 1  
ENG 112 College Composition II (Written Communication) 3 ENG 111
College Transfer Elective   College Transfer Elective ( Recommend HIS 101/122 or Math 155/162) (Specialized Gen Ed Requirements) 3  
College Transfer Elective  

College Transfer Elective or Natural Science and Lab (Specialized Gen Ed Requirements)

3 to 4  
HUM or ART Elective  

Humanities Elective ² (Humanities and Arts)

Social Science Elective   Social Science Elective (Social/Behavioral Sciences) 3  
Total Program Credits 32-33  

Notes and Additional Curriculum Options

¹ Students may substitute CHM 111/112 or PHY 201/202.

Requirements of four-year institutions may vary. Students should consult an academic advisor to select courses that will satisfy baccalaureate major requirements. In addition , they should conform with the college or university to which they plan to transfer that they will receive credit at the four -year institution. For selection of all elective courses, see the list on the College Transfer Electives page.


For Further Information, Contact:

Dr. Derek Whisman, Dean of Arts & Sciences 276-523-9048
Beth Boggs, Transfer Counselor 276.523.9106