Early Childhood Development

Career Studies (221-636-04)


Course # Course Title Credit
CHD 120 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3
CHD 166 Infant and Toddler Programs 3
CHD 205 Guiding the Behavior of Children 3
HLT 135 Child Health and Nutrition Education 3
HLT  105 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 1
CHD 165  Observation and Participation in Early Childhood settings 3
Total Program Credits 16
Eligible to obtain the Child Development Associate credential from the CDA Council1 

Notes and Additional Curriculum Options

Course substitutions may be available. Please see an advisor for more information.

1The Child Development Associate credential from the CDA Council is one of the most prominent in the field of Early Childhood Education. In conjunction with ECD coursework at MECC, the credential conveys a high level of competency to potential employers and increases students’ employability. There is a two-step process to earn the credential after completing the ECD certificate program at MECC. The first is to complete the CDA Exam, which can be completed at MECC. After passing the exam, students must complete the verification visit component. More information about this process will be provided as part of the above program coursework.

* Students considering continuing their education through the Associate of Science degree in Early Childhood Development should also take SDV 100 in their first semester. For students not considering any further degree programs are not required to take SDV.


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