Clinical Research Coordinator

Career Studies (221-152-08)


Course # Course Title Credit
HIM 260

Pharmacology for Health Information Technology

Emphasizes general pharmacology for Health Information professionals; covers general principles of drug actions/reactions, major drug classes, specific agents within each class, and routine mathematical calculation needed to determine desired dosages.

HIT 193

Studies in Investigational Product and Device Regulation

Online Emphasis on Monitoring and auditing process, IRB management of trials, data management

AST 193

Studies in Excel for Health Professionals

Covers new content not covered in existing courses in the discipline. Allows instructor to explore content and instructional methods to assess the course’s viability as a permanent offering. 

HIT 229

Performance Improvement and Data Usage 

Explores the history and development of the performance improvement process. Addresses licensure/accreditation, utilization management, risk management, process management, and the medical staff credentialing and privileging. Covers clinical communication and health information exchange. Covers approaches to assess patient safety, implementing quality management and reporting using electronic system.

HIM 150

Health Records Management

Presents documentation format and content of the medical record relevant to the coding function. Introduces application of standard techniques for filing, maintenance, and acquisition of health information. Examines the processes of collecting, computing, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data related to health care services. Includes legal and regulatory guidelines for the control and use of health information data.

HIT 298

Seminar & Project

The course will be prep for Certified Health Data Analyst domain descriptions: Domain 1 – Foundational Knowledge of Analytics in Healthcare, Domain 2  – Business Needs Assessment, Domain 3 – Data Acquisition, Domain 4 – Data Analysis, Domain 5 – Data Interpretation and Reporting, & Domain 6 – Data Governance.

HIT 195

Topics in Good Clinical Practice and Regulatory Compliance

Online. Applies Good Clinical Practice Protocols. Responsibility to the Code of Federal Regulations and where to obtain information and guidance. 

HIT 299

Supervised Study: Clinical Research Coordinator Concepts

Emphasis on: Ethical and participant Safety Considerations and Study and Sight Management. Case reporting protocol; Research ethics/unanticipated problems involving risks; Monitoring, audits and inspections.

Total Program Credits 24

Notes and Additional Curriculum Options

Course substitutions may be available. Please see an advisor for more information.

This career studies certificate is designed for students who have existing training and/or experience in a healthcare field and/or medical coding. Students should consult with an advisor for details.


For Further Information, Contact:

Nora Blankenbecler, HIM Program Director 276-523-9054

Deborah Clarkston 276-523-9011

Jane Jones,  Dean of Business & Information Technology 276-523-9057