Pre In-service Survey for HR Presentation

Do you have a will?(Required)
Do you know the beneficiary order of precedence in Virginia?(Required)
Are you eligible for the survivorship option on your VRS retirement benefit if you are not married?(Required)
How much is your company-paid life insurance benefit worth?(Required)
Do you know where your marriage certificate is?(Required)
Do you know where your family’s birth certificates are?(Required)
If you pass away while still employed at MECC, will your family be able to keep their health insurance through the state?(Required)
Do you have a last wishes document?(Required)
Have you planned for your pet(s) if something happens to you and your spouse?(Required)
Do you know without a doubt what will happen to your dependent children if tragedy strikes you and your spouse?(Required)
If offered free of charge by MECC, would you attend a seminar by a licensed Virginia attorney about legal documents and their storage?(Required)