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Thank you for your interest in the Mountain Empire Community College Practical Nursing Program. We have received your application for ​program admission. There are several items you should be working on to prepare for possible ​acceptance into the program. 

Please be getting these items ready:

    • Update ​and maintain contact information in SIS.
    • Make sure ​your cell phone voice mail ​is set up and ​your voice mail box emptied.
    • Check ​your MECC ​student email ​at least daily.
    • Email ​the program director, Ms. Lena Whisenhunt, ​for assistance in  advising and preparing a plan to complete all courses needed for the Practical Nursing program.
    • Ensure your FAFSA ​is submitted and that all financial aid processes are complete​d in a timely manner. This includes Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) forms, if needed. All  questions ​regarding your financial aid status should be addressed to
    • Please use this link to apply for scholarships (as available):
    • Please collect immunization records documenting vaccinations for:
      •  annual ​seasonal flu
      • PPD (TB test) 2 separate tests a minimum of 2 weeks apart or if past positive test, Chest X-ray
      • Two MMR ​or positive titer results
      • Two Varicella ​or positive titer results
      • Tetanus within last 10 years
      • Completed Hepatitis B ​sequence (either the 2 or 3 vaccine series option) ​or positive ​titer results
      • ​Two Hep​atitis A or positive titer results
    • Make an appointment for ​a physical examination. Physical forms for the ​PN program are included in the online orientation materials. ​Hard copy forms are also located in the Health Sciences Suite ​in Phillips-Taylor Hall. You ​may also email for an electronic copy of the Practical Nursing physical form.  Physicals and immunization records must be completed prior to program orientation.
    • You will receive an acceptance or declination phone call and email from the Program Director  ​approximately two weeks prior to ​the start date of classes. If you do not hear from us within this time frame, please ​email or ​call the Enrollment Services Office at 276-523-2400.   ​Once you receive the phone call or email from Ms. Whisenhunt, you will be emailed an electronic acceptance/declination letter. Please ​complete and sign this document ​indicating your decision to accept/decline the seat offer as soon as possible.
    • ​The Practical Nursing program orientation will be completed online through Canvas. After receipt of your acceptance/declination letter, ​you will receive an email invitation to complete the online program orientation. This is mandatory and all areas/materials must be completed within five (5) days of receipt of invitation. The last step of orientation will be an ​on campus, in person advising session.  ​During this session you will enroll in your classes, establish your Castlebranch ​account (cost $175.00) and ​your ATI account ​(cost $550.00)

Tentative expense list for Practical Nursing program:


(books/uniforms/lab equipment may be purchased through MECC bookstore)

First Semester


Listed in program handbook ​(provided to you at program orientation)

ATI review materials (​$550.00)


2-navy blue scrub tops (​$28.00 each)

2-navy blue pant (​$28.00 each)

1-white scrub jacket (​$30.00)

Shoes/socks/hose ​(various pricing​)

Various supplies (watch, BP cuff, stethoscope, et​c. various pricing​)

Program emblem (x3) (​$15.00)

Lab Equipment: (​$200.00)

Physical Exam and Immunizations: (up to ​$250.00)

Background check/drug testing: (​$170.00)

Second Semester


Listed in program handbook

Third Semester


Listed in program handbook

NCLEX Live Review (​$300.00)

Graduation Pin: silver (​$35.00)

NCLEX testing fees: (​$415.00)

This list is subject to change​.

We look forward to having you join us and take this next step towards your career goals.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us​ at the emails below or calling 276-523-7456.

Lena L Whisenhunt

Mitzi Jones

Sabrina Cowden