The Career Studies Certificate in Mammography Advanced Studies is designed to prepare selected students to qualify as contributing members of the allied health interdisciplinary team. Upon completion of the advanced studies curriculum (and successful completion and documentation of all required clinical competencies as set for by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists), the student is eligible to apply to take the National Registry examination leading to advanced certification as a Registered Radiographer in Mammography by the ARRT.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competence in the essential aspects of Mammographic imaging at the entry-level.
  • Understand the importance of life-long continuing education in the field of Mammographic imaging.

Advanced Studies Requirements

An academic advisor will review your preparation in Mathematics and English with you. You’ll be guided to appropriate preliminary coursework to give you the greatest chance of success in this program.

Employment Opportunities
Employment opportunities for well-trained registered mammographers are available in hospitals, clinics, education, industry, government agencies, and private offices.

Admission Requirements

The student in Mammography must have completed an approved program in radiography. The student must be registered (or registry eligible) by the appropriate certification agency (ARRT). All students must have a current CPR certification and must maintain that certification throughout the program. Applicants must have maintained a “C” average in past program courses in the discipline or certification. Applicants must provide the following to be considered for admission.

  • Application to SWCC or VHCC
  • Official transcripts of all other colleges attended submitted to the admissions office at either SWCC or VHCC
  • Completed Mammography advanced studies application submitted to Christy Lee at clee@mecc.edu
  • Copy of current ARRT certification card submitted to Christy Lee at clee@mecc.edu
  • Copy of current CPR certification by the American Heart Association

The student in Mammography Advanced Studies must abide by all community college policies as well as hospital policies while enrolled in the curriculum.

Additional Information

Advanced Studies Requirements

Upon admission and during the course of study, the college and hospital faculty will carefully observe and evaluate the student’s progress. If, in the opinion of the faculty, a student does not exhibit professional behavior, the student will be asked to withdraw from advanced studies. Students will not be eligible to receive the certificate until a grade of “C” or better is obtained in each of the required courses. Before entering the clinical areas, the student must receive complete clinical clearance. Please see Ms. Lee for details. This curriculum is typically offered in a 10-week summer session.

Criminal Background Check/Drug Screening
Background checks for criminal history and sex offender crimes against minors are required for entrance into some clinical agencies. Students with convictions may be prohibited from clinical practice and may not complete the advanced studies. Students must provide documentation of a recent PPD TB skin test and up-to-date vaccinations for MMR, Varicella, Hepatitis B, and seasonal influenza. Other requirements may be specified by various clinical affiliates. Clinical agencies may require drug testing prior to placement of students for clinical rotations. Students with positive drug test results may be prohibited from clinical practice and may not complete the advanced studies. Cost for criminal background checks, vaccinations, PPD testing, HIPAA training, and drug testing will be the responsibility of the student.

  • If you require the RAD 196 clinical education (75 total clinical hours):
    •  Copy of current CPR certification by the American Heart Association
    • Current PPD ◊ Immunization records (Varicella, MMR, Hepatitis B, Flu)
    • *HIPAA training, criminal background check, and drug screen will be required at the student’s cost (approximately $95). Hospital facility orientation will be required. These must be complete before the student can begin clinical education. The faculty will provide instructions to students who are accepted into the Mammography Advanced Studies track.

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