Industrial Maintenance


The Industrial Maintenance Certificate Program is intended to meet the increasingly sophisticated maintenance needs of institutions, businesses, and industries. As systems become more computerized and complex, new maintenance skills are needed to keep machines at peak performance. With a broad-based approach touching on a cross-section of technical skills, the Industrial Maintenance Certificate Program provides entry level skills for these emerging industry needs. The Certificate Program can also provide significant retraining skills for individuals who have a technical background but want additional employment opportunities.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students will be able to:

  • Practice industry recognized safety practices and guidelines, including the use of personal protective equipment in an industrial operating environment.
  • Interpret drawings, schematics, and specifications for industrial equipment.
  • Use precision measuring equipment.
  • Troubleshoot and repair electromechanical and electronic equipment and systems.
  • Modify, install, and maintain industrial systems.
  • Modify, install, and maintain hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
  • Work as an effective member of a workgroup.

Program Requirements

Students are required to take English and mathematics placement tests. Developmental classes in these areas may be required. Students may not take a course out of normal sequence without the approval of your instructor.

Opportunities for Employment

With the successful completion of the industrial Maintenance Certificate Program, graduates should be prepared for a wide variety of entry level maintenance positions in health care institutions, schools, businesses, mining and manufacturing industries.


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