Health Sciences


The Health Sciences Career Studies Certificate is designed for students preparing for admission through a selective/ competitive process to a healthcare certificate or degree program. Although some courses are standard, each track will differ to some degree. Students are encouraged to work closely with their assigned advisor to prepare the strongest program application. The advisor will also assist students with the various individual program application processes.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students will be able to:

  • Earn credits that prepare them for entry into competitive admissions healthcare educational programs.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the various options for healthcare careers that are available to pursue.
  • Participate in laboratory experiences that increase their knowledge of the human body.
  • Increase their skills in communicating verbally, in writing and using electronic methods.
  • Participate in classroom activities that increase their understanding of providing care for individuals with acute, chronic, or life-threatening physical, psychological, and psychosocial health conditions. 

Program Requirements

An academic advisor will review your preparation in Mathematics and English with you. You’ll be guided to appropriate preliminary coursework to give you the greatest chance of success in this program.

Employment Opportunities

Completion of this certificate prepares a student to competitively seek admission to a selective admissions healthcare program. Various elective course options may prepare a student for employment as a pharmacy technician, emergency medical technician, or nursing assistant.


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