General Education (Certificate)


The Associate of Arts & Sciences General Education certificate is designed as an intermediate step on the student’s progress toward a two or four year degree.  This certificate is awarded as recognition of completion of a core of specified requirements in the associate degree program.   The associate degree is the gateway for transfer to a senior institution through one of the many articulation and guaranteed admission agreements currently available to MECC students. Students should consult with their advisors to ensure that they select general electives that best prepare them for the specific requirements of their intended transfer college or university programs of study.

Program Requirements

Students should have English and Mathematics skills assessed. Developmental classes in these areas may be required. Students may qualify for college credit for verified on-the-job experiences.

Students are encouraged to check the mathematics requirements of the four-year college or university to which they plan to transfer to determine the appropriate courses to be taken at MECC. In addition, students should contact the appropriate four-year institution to determine the transferability of electives. Students planning to become teachers should check the requirements of Teacher Education programs at four-year institutions.

The college’s Transfer Counselor or faculty advisors are available to assist students in selecting courses for transfer.
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