Bioprocessing Operator


This program is designed to provide basic skills to qualify graduates for entry level jobs as bioprocessing operators.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students will be able to:

  1. Practice industry recognized safety practices and guidelines, including the use of personal protective equipment in an industrial operating environment.
  2. Use precision measuring equipment.
  3. Operate and Troubleshoot electromechanical and electronic equipment and systems.
  4. Compute, analyze, and communicate quantitative data using mathematical and logical methods to solve problems.
  5. Demonstrate understanding of scientific concepts, theories, and basic scientific reasoning.

Employment Opportunities

The Bioprocessing Operator certificate provides an opportunity for student to learn the necessary skills to help manage production at a biotechnology facility.  Students will learn the technical skills necessary as well as understanding the processes that are taking place.

Program Requirements

This two semester program is a co-op that allows students enrolled in the program to apply what they are learning in the classroom in a hands-on, paid training internship.