Do It For Them Postcard

“College not only has changed me, but has also changed the future of my four children. I have four motivators to cheer me on. They want to go to college because their mom did. You have to decide what and who your highest priorities are. Have the faith and determination to start over. I know that by completing my degree, I’ll be able to compete for higher-paying jobs and better support my family.”

Emily Baker, 2018 MECC Health Information Management Graduate

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My ONLINE Degree

MECC students have commitments beyond the classroom, including family and work schedules. That’s why we offer online degree programs so that students can further their career without having to make a daily commute to campus.

Thinking about returning to school? Consider that college graduates with a two-year degree earn on average $8,000 more annually. Earn a degree for better job opportunities, long-term financial stability for your family, and serve as an example to your children that education is important!

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