Welcome to MECC!

Now that you have completed the steps to enrollment, here are a few other things you need in order to be ready for college. You can also print the New Student Checklist

Buy or Rent your Books

To buy or rent books, visit the MECC Bookstore in Holton Hall or the Bookstore website, click the link for books, and then click the dropdown for textbooks and course materials. Enter the specific course information and find the link to the ISBN number for the text. The MECC Bookstore is located on campus in the Holton Hall. Hours and contact info are posted on the Bookstore’s Web site. You can use your financial aid funds to pay for textbooks and required supplies only during certain dates each semester.

Access MyMECC

To access your student email, Canvas, and the Student Information System, visit MyMECC. MyMECC is located at the top right corner of the MECC homepage at www.mecc.edu.

Access Your MECC Email

To access your MECC Email, log in to MyMECC with your username and password, and select the “Gmail” link.

Access Canvas

Don’t worry if you do not see your credit classes listed in Canvas before the first day of class! Your class schedule in the VCCS Student Information System is considered your official list of credit classes for which you are registered. Access your schedule through MyMECC, and you’ll see all the classes for which you registered. Credit classes show up in Canvas either on the first day of the class or within 48 hours after registering 

Access Your Class Schedule

Have your class schedule available during the first week of classes. The classes you are registered to take are listed in the Student Information System, which you access through MyMECC. On the first day of class, be sure to have a printed or online copy of your class schedule handy so you’ll know the date, time, building and room number of your classes.  The letter which precedes the room number designates the building in which your class is held:  G=Godwin Hall, H=Holton Hall, D=Dalton-Cantrell Hall, P=Phillips-Taylor Hall, R=Robb Hall.

Get a Free Parking Decal

All MECC students must register for a parking permit. Register for your parking permit oat the MECC Bookstore in Holton Hall.

Get a Student Photo ID

All MECC students must register for a student ID. You can obtain your student ID at the MECC Bookstore in Holton Hall.

Attend the New Student Seminar

All new students are required to attend the New Student Seminar, a comprehensive SDV course which is scheduled prior to the first day of classes during the semester’s Welcome Week” of activities. New Student Seminar meets the requirements of SDV 100. It is taught in three days, culminating in a day of activities that will provide students opportunities to engage with their specific program faculty and interact with student clubs and organizations. Completion of the three-day class provides an opportunity for new students to begin classes more prepared for their college experience and allows them the opportunity to make connections with their fellow students and college personnel. For more information, visit the New Student Seminar.

Visit the Library

MECC’s Wampler library is located on the second floor of Robb Hall. Visit the library to obtain a library card, as well as access the material and research you need for courses. Library resources are available online at the library website.

Register for MECC Text Alerts

For your safety and convenience, we strongly recommend that you sign up for our emergency alert system. It will notify you quickly with an email and/or text about MECC closings due to inclement weather or about emergency situations.  To sign up, click here..

Read the MECC Catalog & Student Handbook

The MECC Handbook contains information about your degree program, college operations, and course descriptions. The Student Handbook contains additional information and MECC’s Code of Conduct. To access the MECC Catalog & Student Handbook, click here.

Join Us on Social Media

Important announcements regarding events, schedule changes, and activities are shared on MECC’s social media sites. Join us on Facebook at facebook.com/mountainempirecollege, on Twitter @MECCVa, and on Instagram @MECCedu.

Get Help When You Need It

  • Advising and Testing. The Office of Student Services provides advising and testing services. Click here for more information on testing.  The Office of Student Services is located in Holton Hall or call 276-523-7488. 
  • Tutoring and Academic Assistance. The TRIO Learning Center provides academic support services to students who meet eligibility requirements. Services include: tutoring, mentoring, transfer assistance, career counseling, personal counseling, academic skills development (study skills, test-taking skills, etc.) and informative seminars.
  • Disability Services. MECC provides services to students with documented disabilities. For more information, visit the Office of Student Services in Holton Hall or call 276-523-9108.
  • Veterans Assistance. MECC programs are approved for enrollment of qualified veterans, survivors, dependents and certain reservists. For more information on services available to veterans and their families, call 276-523-9028 or visit the Veterans web page. 
  • Transfer Assistance. MECC provides assistance to students planning to transfer to a four year college. Visit the Transfer webpage, the Office of Student Services in Holton Hall, or call 276-523-9106.
  • Career Assistance. MECC offers student career counseling to help students determine their career goals and/or college major.  Assistance includes computerized career assessments, career planning, employment preparation, resume development, interview and business etiquette, job search strategies, and more. To schedule an appointment, visit Career Services located in the Office of Student Services in Holton Hall or call 276-523-9106.
  • Technology Assistance
    • Canvas Help – Email Canvas Support or call 276-523-7488 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.
    • Student Information System (SIS), Student Email, Log-in, Password or Username Assistance – Email the Student Help Desk or call 276-523-9007  or 276-523-9001 between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.