We are thrilled you are interested in the Health Information Technology Analyst program and are happy to share information with you. Our program will help you prepare for an exciting career in Health Information Technology. You will find many career opportunities from medical coding to auditing and revenue cycle management. We offer certificates for Certified Professional Coder, Registered Health Information Technician and opportunities for project management certificate in health information technology.

In our program, you will learn about health data content, structure and standards and the utilization of health data in patient care. You will learn about population health and clinical decision support and how to manage healthcare delivery information systems. To learn more about Health Information Management and Medical Coding, please click here: https://www.mecc.edu/?pathway-types=health-information-management

The first step in your journey will be to apply to Mountain Empire Community College. Please click here to apply:  https://www.apply.vccs.edu/applications/VCCS/apply.html?application_id=4088

Please apply to the Health Information Management Program https://www.mecc.edu/himapp-2/

To apply for Financial Aid, please click here: https://www.mecc.edu/financialaid/#toggle-id-1

For further financial aid assistance, please apply for a scholarship, click here: https://www.mecc.edu/scholarships/

Once we receive your application in the HIM program, we will reach out to you and start a conversation about your career goals and how to get started in the Health Information Technology Analyst program.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!