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Great Expectations is part of a statewide initiative that serves current and former foster care youth. We provide resources, tools, information and guidance to empower our participants in reaching their educational and career goals. We also assist participants overcome day to day life stressors, so they are able to transition into a healthy and successful adulthood.

Key Components

MECC has a Great Expectations Coordinator that works individually with each student, providing access to support such as:

  • Individual Support

  • Laptop Lending Program

  • Transportation Assistance

  • Emergency Funds

  • Help applying for admission and financial aid

  • Career exploration and coaching

  • Help applying for and keeping a job

  • Life skills training

  • Personalized mentoring

  • Assistance with application & testing fees

Get Involved

If you would like to learn more about Great Expectations, become a part of Great Expectations, or refer a student to Great Expectations, please contact Christina Fraley at 276-523-9030 or


Great Expectations Biltmore Trip June 2019

MECC Great Expectations trip to Biltmore in June, 2019


Advocacy Opportunities

As part of a nationally recognized program, Great Expectations students often have the opportunity to act as a voice for foster youth and advocate for change by sharing their success stories, participating in focus groups, research surveys, and presenting to legislators.



A: Generally, any student who has had experience with the foster system in any form (foster placement, kinship placement, group home experience, adoption, etc.) qualifies. You can always contact the GE Coordinator if you’re unsure.

A: Great Expectations is designed to provide support to help guide former foster youth through college. This support looks different for every student. Some students need help with job applications or career choices. Others need more immediate support like housing and food. The GE Coordinator works individually with each student to identify their needs and to come up with a plan to meet those needs together. Additionally, all GE students are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings and group activities, which often include life skills training or other informational components.


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