Most web classes require some form of orientation. Orientation is used to give students important information about the course. The following are examples of different types of orientation that may be required.

Online Orientation – Students must complete the online orientation module in Canvas by the course instructor’s stated due date.

Face to Face Orientation – Orientation will be held on campus or via Zoom on a specified day, date, time, and room if held on-campus. If students are unable to attend orientation on the specified date and time, which varies by class, they need to contact the instructor.

Verification of Identity

Distance education courses may require the student’s identity to be verified for certain assignments. Mountain Empire Community College does not charge any additional fees for the purpose of verifying student identify. If external identity verification services are required, or if the student chooses to use such services, the student is responsible for any and all costs incurred.

Web Classes

Classes with section numbers that include a “W” are Web classes. In courses offered in this delivery format, all instruction is web based.

  • Web Asynchronous (WA) – Students learn on their own schedule online while adhering to posted deadlines.
  • Web Synchronous (WS) – Students and faculty interact online on specific days/times using technology such as Zoom, Canvas, or Google Classroom.

Compressed Video

Classes with section numbers that include “C” are Compressed Video classes. These are courses delivered via video to two or more sites. Students may be at a different location than the instructor.

Independent Study

Classes with section numbers that include “X” are independent Study classes. These are highly individualized, planned studies.


Classes with section numbers that include an “H” are Hybrid classes. These classes require students to attend class on-campus less often by utilizing on-line components that can be completed at home.

  • Hybrid Asynchronous (HA) – Students learn on their own schedule while adhering to posted deadlines, with some in-person sessions required on-campus.
  • Hybrid Synchronous (HS) – Students and faculty interact online on specific days/times using technology such as Zoom, Canvas or Google Classroom, with some in-person sessions required on-campus.

Class Section Information

This indicates one of several sections of the same course but reflects different days, times, instructors and locations.

Blended B
Summer First Short Session D
Summer Second Short Session E
Hybrid HA1-HA9, HS1-HS9
Lab L
Summer Long Session T
Night Class N1-N9
Compressed Video C1-C9
Web Classes WA1-WA9, WS1-WS9
3 Week Session  3W1-3W3
Day 01-09
Lee County  21-29
Scott County 31-39
Wise County 41-49
Norton City 51-59
Dickenson County 61-69
8 Week Session 81-82
Off-Site 91-99
Independent Study X1-X6

Shared Services Distance Learning (SSDL),

Shared with other Virginia Community Colleges


On-Campus Rooms

Face to Face classes are assigned a classroom by building. If your classroom has one of the letters in front of the number, that will be the building where your class is located; for example: G101, D242, R117, P218:

D-Dalton-Cantrell Hall G-Godwin

P-Phillips-Taylor Hall H-Holton

R-Robb Hall

Off-Campus Locations

Details will be announced in class by instructor.

Clinical location will be announced in class CLIN
Center for Workforce and Innovation of Appalachia CWIA
Dickenson County Community Hospital DCCH
Dickenson Center for Edu. & Research, Clintwood DCER
Gate City High School GCHS
Holston Valley Medical Center HVMC
Indian Path Medical Center IPMC
John Tyler Community College JTCC
Lee County Career Center LCC
Lee Health and Rehab LH/R
Lee High School LHS
Norton Community Hospital NCH
Offsite OFF
Pioneer Center, Duffield PC-D
Ridgeview High School RHS
Ridgeview Pavilion RIDG
Scott Co. Career/Technical Ctr SCO
Southside Virginia Comm. College SVCC
Southwest Va. Comm. College SWCC
To Be Announced TBA
Virginia Highlands Comm. College VHCC
Wytheville Community College WCC
Wise County Career and Technical Center WCT


TBA is the acronym for To Be Announced. The college uses this term when a classroom, instructor, or days/times are unknown. Students may ignore the TBA listed for online courses because there are no days/times or classroom assigned to those classes (this is a system default). If you are registered for a face to face course and it has TBA listed for any of those fields (classroom, instructor, or days/times), your instructor or a representative from the scheduling academic division will contact you via your student e-mail.

Days of the Week

Face to face classes may meet any day of the week. If you have registered for a face to face class, you will see the days of the week listed below on your schedule:

Monday Mo
Tuesday Tu
Wednesday We
Thursday Th
Friday Fr
Saturday Sa
Sunday Su