Disability Support Services provides support services to students with disabilities that will allow equal access to college classes, services, and events. Services are free and open to any students with a disability who provide appropriate documentation of their disability. Documentation must follow the guidelines provided in the links below.

In order to ensure adequate time to process requests for accommodations by the first class meeting, it is necessary that you follow this timeline:

  • Student requesting an interpreter must request accommodations at least three weeks prior to class start.
  • The Disabilities Coordinator must review the student’s class schedule at least two weeks prior to class start.
  • Students requesting books and/or videos in alternate formats must do so as soon as possible. Books and/or videos in alternate formats can require up to six weeks.
  • Students requesting other accommodations must meet with the Disabilities Services Coordinator two weeks prior to the beginning of a semester.
  • Students requesting accommodations later than the recommended timeframes, will be served as soon as possible, but the Coordinator of Disability Services cannot assure that accommodations will be available for the first or next class.

Please use the following checklist as your guide for completing all steps necessary to receive accommodations.

  • Complete application for admission and financial aid.
  • Complete college placement testing or transfer requirements.
  • Carefully read documentation requirements for your disability.
  • Obtain copies of your reports. If your documentation is older than three years, it must be updated. However, you may bring older documentation to your first appointment with the Disabilities Services Coordinator so that an initial contact can be established.
  • Provide documentation of your disability at the first meeting with the Disabilities Services Coordinator.
  • Bring high school IEP reports, and be ready to discuss accommodations that you received in high school or at another college you have attended.
  • Register for classes during your meeting with the Disability Services Coordinator or review you schedule with the Disabilities Coordinator.
  • Attend all classes.
  • Meet with the Disabilities Services Coordinator if you have questions or problems.

The accommodations that students with disabilities receive are based on recommendations made by qualified evaluators. Requested accommodations must relate to the disability, and the documentation must support the request. Accommodations are designed to meet individual student needs.

Required Documentation

To ensure that accommodations are reasonable, timely, and relevant to individual needs, students should complete the required documentation for services. To access disability services forms, click here for disability services in take form.

For Further Information Contact:

Disability Services Counselor

For Disabilities Services resources, click here for the Wampler Library Guide on Disability Services.