Courses & Programs

The Center for Workforce Development designs timely, customized training programs to address the ever-changing opportunities and challenges faced by employers. Based on results of Training Needs Assessments, we design and implement Custom Training Programs to update and improve the skills of your workforce, increase employee engagement, improve company performance and help you achieve organizational goals. Our training can be brought to your work site or you can bring your employees to our training facilities.

Customized training focuses on skills that improve:

  • organizational productivity (team building, management and leadership, coaching, or lean manufacturing);
  • individual productivity (time management, managing stress, communication, or customer service);
  • computer skills (Microsoft Office suite, technical certifications, or customized applications); and
  • job specific skills (CPR, OSHA, Miner Training/Retraining,  and many others).

Benefits of Customized Training

  • Convenient class locations with on-site training available
  • A comprehensive training plan, based on a training needs assessment,, will address the skills and knowledge your employees need to help achieve your organizational goals
  • Programs tailored to meet your company’s specific needs
  • Training positively impacts employee performance and profitability
  • A well-trained workforce provides a competitive advantage