Dear Clinical Instructor,

We are very excited as the school year begins and we initiate our new Respiratory Therapy cohort. Thank you for agreeing to serve as a clinical instructor for our Program. The goal of the Mountain Empire Community College Respiratory Therapy Program is to offer a high quality respiratory therapy education in a learning environment that fosters critical thinking, encourages professional leadership, and instills a strong appreciation of ethical values and human diversity. Our partnership with the clinical instructor is vital to achieving our goal.

We are required by the Committee of Accreditation of Respiratory Care (CoARC) to document inter-rater reliability. The most expedient and effective way of doing this it to have you complete the AARC Clinical Practices for Effective Preceptor (PEP) Program; review the MECC Clinical Instructor Roles and Responsibilities PowerPoint to familiarize yourself with our Clinical Lab Competency Check-off and Affective Behavior forms; then review TWO Inter-rate Reliability videos to evaluate the student’s performance by completing the provided Clinical Lab Competency Check-off and Affective Behavior form online immediately under the video.

Please realize that it is important to watch for discrepancies in the videos and to evaluate the student utilizing the provided check-off sheet. You will assign them a score of 2, 1, 0, or N/A. Those scores are detailed within the MECC Clinical Instructor Information PowerPoint. The goal is to see if all therapists will evaluate the videos consistently; utilizing the given check-off sheet.

Thank you for your time and effort on this as well as your skill and dedication that you share with our students. Please accept our appreciation for your contributions to the profession and future generations of respiratory therapists.


Wes Mullins

Program Director


AARC Clinical PEP: Practices of Effective Preceptors

Post Test – AARC Clinical PEP: Practices of Effective Preceptors

Respiratory Therapy Program Clinical Instructor Roles & Responsibilities

Incentive Spirometry – IRR

Small Volume Nebulizer – IRR