CSC     195

195     CSC 195 – ADVANCED MICROSOFT EXCEL 2007 (1 Cr) – Maximize your investment in Microsoft Excel 2007 by mastering advanced Excel features that most users don’t even know exist. In this practical, hands-on course, you’ll discover how to use scenarios and data tables to quickly perform multiple what-if analyses. You’ll discover a variety of advanced techniques for PivotTables, like creating calculated fields and calculated items, as well as how to restore the “Classic PivotTable Style” drag-and-drop functionality. You’ll see how to use validation to protect the integrity of your worksheets from other, less experienced users. You’ll become adept at consolidating and importing data from other sources, and you’ll master the art of conditional formatting to highlight duplicate entries and other common worksheet problems. Impress your coworkers by learning how to add functional and eye-catching controls to any worksheet, and find out how to nest one function inside another to accomplish just about anything MS Excel has to offer!