Science – Engineering

Program Description

This program is designed to provide the first two years of a degree in engineering. Students who are planning to transfer into other engineering programs at four-year institutions are urged to acquaint themselves with the requirements of the major department in the college or university to which transfer is contemplated and to consult with their advisor at Mountain Empire Community College in planning their program.  Classes in this specialization designated as EGR (Engineering) are offered by Virginia Highlands Community College and are delivered on the MECC campus using distance learning technology.  Some of the higher-level math classes may also be delivered by distance technology.

Program Requirements

Entry into the program requires the satisfactory completion of four (4) units of high school English, two (2) units of high school algebra, one (1) unit of geometry, one (1) unit of laboratory science, and one (1) unit of social science or their equivalent.  Deficiencies in these areas may be corrected by completing the appropriate developmental studies courses. Students are encouraged to check the mathematics requirements of the four-year college or university to which you plan to transfer to determine the appropriate courses to be taken at MECC, as well as to determine the transferability of electives. Students planning to transfer should schedule an appointment with MECC’s Transfer Services Counselor at 276.523.2400 ext. 324.

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Science – Engineering Specialization (881-01)


Course # Course Title Credit
ENG 111 College Composition I 3
HIS 101 or 121 History of Western Civilization I or United States History I 3
MTH 177 Introduction to Linear Algebra 2
CHM 111 College Chemistry I 4
MTH 273 Calculus I 4
SDV 100 College Success Skills 1
ENG 112 College Composition II 3
HIS 102 or 122 History of Western Civilization II or United States History II 3
EGR 140 Engineering Mechanics – Statics 3
MTH 274 Calculus II 4
EGR 120 Introduction to Engineering 1
CST 100 Principles of Public Speaking 3
ENG   Literature (241, 243, or 251) 1 3
PHY 241 University Physics I 4
MTH 277 Vector Calculus 4
EGR 245 Engineering Mechanics – Dynamics 3
    Social Science Elective2 3
HLT/PED   Health/Physical Education 1
ENG   Literature (242, 244, or 252)1 3
ITP 120 or 132 Java Programming I or C++ Programming I 3
MTH 279 Ordinary Differential Equations 4
PHY 242 University Physics II 4
EGR 246 Mechanics of Materials 3
Total Minimum Credits for Degree 69

1 At least one semester of World Literature (ENG 251-252) is recommended. 2 Students should consult the social science requirements of the institution to which they are transferring. Social sciences include: Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Geography, and Sociology. 3 Every student getting an Associate of Arts and Sciences must demonstrate information literacy by completing ITE 119, by satisfying the terms of an articulation agreement or by establishing competency on an assessment test.

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