Medical Laboratory Technology

Program Description

Graduates of the Medical Laboratory Technology program are able to perform and evaluate a wide variety of procedures ranging from blood collection to the use of intricate precision instruments.  After successful completion of the program, graduates are eligible to take a national certifying examination for registration as a Medical Laboratory Technician. This program is being provided through an innovative, cooperative arrangement with Wytheville Community College.  Students will register at MECC for their general education course requirements and register through WCC for their program courses.  However, all course offerings and clinicals will be provided on the MECC campus and at local healthcare facilities.  The AAS degree will be awarded by Wytheville Community College.  WCC’s program is fully approved by the State Council of Higher Education and the National Accrediting Agency of Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS).

Opportunities for Employment

Opportunities for MLTs include employment at hospital clinical laboratories, reference and industrial laboratories, pharmaceutical firms, independent clinical laboratories, service agencies, physicians’ offices, clinics, government agencies, research institutions and the armed forces.

Program Requirements

Upon admission to the Medical Laboratory Technician program, the following are necessary:

  • The student must have a complete medical examination which must include a tuberculin skin test (not more than one year old), a profile of medical condition, designated immunizations, and documentation of HBV status. A chest x-ray is required only if the tuberculin test is positive.
  • A minimum grade of “C” must be maintained in each Medical Laboratory course. A student receiving a final grade lower than “C” in any course in the medical laboratory sequence will be ineligible to continue in the program.  Contact the program head for readmission requirements.
  • The student will be required to secure student professional liability insurance.
  • Clinical experience will be provided in affiliated hospitals or laboratories. Each student will be responsible for transportation to and from the sites and must also secure the required uniforms and dress code requirements.

Special Considerations

The medical laboratory technician curriculum is an academically rigorous program, but one having the potential to provide a rewarding career for participants.  Admission to the program will be governed by the requirements for general admission to the colleges.  Additionally, to enter the program, the student must have a high school diploma or the equivalent.  The student must have completed with a grade of “C” or better in high school:  one unit of Algebra, one unit of Chemistry, and one unit of Biology.  The student must also be eligible to enroll in ENG 111 in their first Fall semester of admission to the program.  Students may enroll in MECC’s developmental coursework if they do not meet these requirements.  Student presenting evidence of meeting these requirements will be admitted to the program by WCC biennially.  MECC has been allocated ten admission slots.  Because entry into this program is competitive, students must complete the application process with the Admissions Office at WCC by no later than February 15.

For Further Information Contact:

  • Kim Dorton, Health Sciences Coordinator
    276.523.2400 ext. 356
  • Ms. Lori Huffard
    Wytheville Community College
  • Mr. Tommy Clements, Dean
    276.523.2400 ext. 431

Medical Laboratory Technology


Course # Course Title Credit
BIO 141 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4
CHM 111 College Chemistry I 4
MDL 101 Introduction to Medical Lab Techniques 3
MDL 127 Hematology 3
SDV 100 College Success Skills 1
BIO 142 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
ENG 111 College Composition I 3
MDL 126 Clinical Immunohematology/
Immunology I
MDL 130 Basic Clinical Microbiology 3
MDL 261 Clinical Chemistry & Instrumentation I 4
    Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3
    Social/Behavioral Science Elective 3
MDL 199 Coordinated Practice in the Clinical Lab 2
BIO 150 Introduction to Microbiology 4
MDL 190 Coordinated Practice 2
MDL 225 Clinical Hematology II 3
MDL 240 Clinical Microscopy II 2
MDL 252 Clinical Microbiology II 3
MDL 262 Clinical Chemistry & Instrumentation II 4
MDL 227 Clinical Immunohematology/Immunology II 3
MDL 263 Clinical Chemistry & Instrumentation III 3
MDL 275 Clinical Hematology III 3
MDL 279 Clinical Microbiology III 2
MDL 290 Coordinated Practice 2
Total Minimum Credits for Degree 72

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