Computerized Manufacturing Technology — Industrial Electronics Specialization

Program Description

The Industrial Electronics specialization of the Computerized Manufacturing Technology major is designed to prepare students for employment in a wide variety of settings. While the primary emphasis of the degree focuses on the industrial and manufacturing areas, many graduates find employment in the health and service sectors as electronic or computer technicians. Course work includes a strong emphasis in the computer technology field including how to interface, upgrade and repair computer related equipment and systems. Job titles for graduates include electronic technician, electronic equipment repairer, quality assurance technician, computer repair technician, process control technician, engineering technician and manufacturing technician.

Opportunities for Employment

The Computerized Manufacturing Technology graduate can expect to see employment as and Electrical/Electronic Technician, electrical and electronics installer and Repairer.

Program Requirements

Students are required to take English and Mathematics placement tests. Due to the rapid change of this major, students are expected to take courses in the sequence they are listed and complete the major within two years. This major demands good students who genuinely like the technical area and want to help industry solve problems and increase productivity.

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Computerized Manufacturing Technology
Industrial Electronics Specialization (726-02)


Course # Course Title Credit  
DRF 160 Machine Blueprint Reading 3  
ELE 140 Basic Electricity & Machinery 4  
SAF 126 Industrial Safety 3  
ENG 111 College Composition I 3  
MTH 103 Applied Technical Mathematics I 3  
SDV 100 College Success Skills 1  
ELE 156 Electrical Control Systems 3  
ETR 143 Devices & Applications I 3  
ETR 168 Digital Circuit Fundamentals 3  
IND 137 Team Concepts and Problem Solving 3  
    Humanities Elective 3  
PHY 231 Applied Physics 3  
ETR 218 Industrial Electronics Circuits 4  
ETR 273 Computer Electronics I 4  
IND 160 Introduction to Robotics 3  
    Technical Elective 3  
HLT 105 CPR 1  
ELE 239 Programmable Controllers 3  
MEC 113 Materials and Processes of Industry 4  
IND 295 Computer Integrated Projects I 3  
ITE 119 Information Literacy 3  
    Social Science Elective 3  
Total Minimum Credits for Degree 66  

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