Chemical Process Operator

Career Studies Certificate (221-845-01)

Course # Course Title Credit
SDV 107 Career Exploration 1
CHM 101 or 111 General Chemistry I or College Chemistry I 4
IND 101 Quality Assurance Technology I 3
MTH 105 Survey of Technical Mathematics I 2
MTH 106 Survey of Technical Mathematics II 2
MEC 205 Piping & Auxiliary Systems 3
CHM 102 or 112 General Chemistry II or College Chemistry II 4
SAF 126 Principals of Industrial Safety 3
PHY 131 Applied Physics I 3
ELE 140 Basic Electricity and Machinery 4
Total Minimum Credits for Certificate 29


Employment/Salary Information

A chemical laboratory technician holds a general scientific position whose tasks vary greatly by organization type; this position is typically found at organizations that conduct scientific research or testing. Chemical laboratory technicians typically are responsible for the day-to-day operations performed by the company. Technicians may perform chemical tests on products and compounds, analyze compounds and chemicals for a variety of qualities and concentrations of substances, and maintain quality across all products. In addition to these tasks, most chemical laboratory technician must perform a variety of housekeeping tasks for their laboratory, ensuring that all facilities and instruments are clean and that any hazardous substances have been removed from the premises. Click here for salary information related to this field. 

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