Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (Certificate)

The Air Conditioning & Refrigeration program is designed to provide you with the job skills necessary for employment as a beginning electrician or as repairer of air conditioning equipment. Special emphasis is placed upon the installation and repairing of residential and commercial air conditioning units. The program is offered during the day and on a part-time basis in the evening.

Opportunities for Employment

The Certificate in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration is designed to prepare you for occupations such as Air Conditioning Services & Installation Technician, or beginning Electrician (residential, commercial, or industrial wiring).

Program Requirements

Students are required to take English and mathematics placement tests. Developmental classes in these areas may be required. Students may not take a course out of normal sequence without the approval of your instructor.

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Certificate Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (903)


Course # Course Title Credit  
AIR 111 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Controls I 3  
AIR 121 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration I 4  
ELE 140 Basic Electricity & Machinery 4  
ELE 131 National Electric Code I 3  
BLD 110 Intro to Construction 3  
SDV 100 College Success Skills 1  
AIR 112 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Controls II 3  
AIR 154 Heating Systems I 3  
AIR 230 Geothermal Applications I 3  
ELE 156 Electrical Control Systems I 3  
ELE 110 Home Electric Power 3  
AIR 116 Duct Construction and Maintenance 2  
ENG 111 College Composition I     
AIR 298 Seminar and Project 3  
    Social Science Elective 3  
MTH 103 Applied Technical Mathematics I 2  
Total Minimum Credits for Certificate 48  

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