Administrative Support Technology – Medical Office Specialist

Program Requirements

The Medical Office Specialist program is designed to prepare individuals for administrative support positions in medical offices. Individuals currently employed in medical office positions will also benefit from the program. The program includes courses that provide the knowledge and skills necessary for effective job performance in entry-level medical office administrative support positions.

Opportunities for Employment

Medical Office Specialists generally work in hospitals, clinics, and private practice offices, assisting with billing and maintaining patient accounts, and performing general office and routine administrative duties. These professionals exhibit expertise in professional conduct, telephone etiquette, computer applications, filing and records management, patient scheduling, and medical office management.  

Program Requirements

Students are required to take English and Mathematics placement tests. Developmental classes in these area may be required. Students may receive college credit for verified on-the-job experience. Courses taken out of suggested sequence must have the approval of the program advisor.

For Further Information Contact:

Administrative Support Technology
Medical Office Specialist (298-02)


Course # Course Title Credit
AST 107 Editing and Proofreading 3
AST 141 Word Processing I 3
ENG 111 College Composition I 3
HIM 111 Medical Terminology I 3
HIM 130 Healthcare Information Systems 3
SDV 100 College Success Skills 1
AST 238 Word Processing Advanced 3
HIM 112 Medical Terminology II 3
HIM 150 Health Records Management 3
HIM 230 Information Systems & Technology in Health Care 3
MTH 141 Business Mathematics I 3
    Humanities Elective1 3
ACC 115 Applied Accounting 3
AST  205 Business Communications2 3
AST 243 Office Administration I 3
BUS 241 Business Law I 3
PSY 120 Human Relations 3
SDV 106 Preparation for Employment 1
AST 108 Telephone Techniques 1
AST 150 Desktop Publishing 1
AST 155 Introduction to Desktop Information Management 1
AST 160 Learning the Internet for Business 1
AST 244 Office Administration II 3
AST 271 Medical Office Procedures 3
AST 290 Internship in AST 3
     Social Science or Humanities Elective 3
Total Minimum Credits for Degree 66

1Consult with advisor. 2BUS236 may be substituted for AST 205.

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